Our Services

Comprehensive Towing & Recovery Services

For over 30 years, Joey Ross Towing has offered quick responses and professional, damage-free towing services to drivers in the greater east Texas area. We work around the clock to make ourselves available to our customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency towing, recovery and roadside assistance services. These services include but are not limited to:

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Light-Duty Towing

Motorcycles, sedans, compact cars, and certain small pieces of equipment are considered light-duty items. Joey Ross Towing can tow and transport these vehicles and equipment pieces wherever they need to go.

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Medium-Duty Towing

Joey Ross Towing can transport delivery trucks, small campers, boats, and other mid-size vehicles and items by using state-of-the-art medium-duty tow trucks. We provide both local and long-distance equipment transportation services.

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Heavy-Duty Towing

Not every tow company can handle heavy-duty vehicles and items. Joey Ross Towing can. We have the equipment to handle pieces of heavy construction equipment, semis, large boats, commercial trucks and even RVs with this service option. Call today to learn more.


Accident Recovery

Joey Ross Towing has the equipment to clean up any accident scene and recover your vehicle from even the trickiest offroad locations. We’ll pick your vehicle up without any additional damage and have it towed to the nearest general repair or body shop.

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Roadside Assistance

Not every issue you run into on the road is going to call for a tow truck. Whether you’re dealing with a vehicle lockout, a dead battery or an empty fuel tank, the team at Joey Ross Towing will be there to provide the fast and friendly roadside services you deserve.

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